Haas F1 Team “We considered the Mercedes Zero Pod last summer”[F1-Gate .com]

Guenther Steiner, principal of the Haas F1 Team, said last summer that he was considering the same concept as the Mercedes F1’s radical “Zero Pod” in the side pods of the 2022 F1 car, but eventually shelved it. ..

The Mercedes F1 shook the paddock with the W13, which was designed with the side pods as narrow as possible to improve performance in Bahrain, the second pre-season test.

However, the Haas F1 Team, which started developing the 2022 F1 machine earlier than any other team, had room to try various design routes while building the VF-22, but team representative Guenther Steiner said He said he felt that the Mercedes F1’s Zero Pod-like design wasn’t perfect for them.

“The very first design was this concept. We had it in the wind tunnel last July, and we were already aware that it would give us an advantage in the late corners,” Guenther Steiner told Auto Motor und Sport. Told.

“But as an overall package, the wide side pods have seen greater potential.”

As F1 enters a new era in 2022, the design philosophy varies greatly from team to team, and each car seems to have its own features.

There is controversy over the legality of the new Mercedes F1 parts, and F1 managing director Ross Brawn admits he did not anticipate an interpretation of the rules of Mercedes F1.

But F1 chief technology officer Pat Symonds says he can’t find any design issues, but will give advice on them.

“It looks fine to me,” said Pat Symonds.

“But I’d like to talk to my colleague Jason Summerville, FIA’s aerodynamics officer, about the final verdict.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing’s F1 team representative, reportedly felt that Mercedes F1 innovation was initially against the spirit of the new regulations, but then the side pods seemed to be legal. I admit that it looks like.

“What Mercedes came up with is very innovative. It’s certainly a completely different concept than the one we pursued, and I think there are several other concepts,” Christian Horner said in Bahrain. I told reporters.

“This shows the creativity that exists even within the strict regulations of F1 and very different solutions are emerging now. Only time will tell if it’s the right route.”

“I think what you see in F1 is that design philosophies tend to converge over a period of time, but the good thing about this sport is that if you get a blank slate, you get 10 different interpretations. is”

“Obviously, Mercedes came up with an extreme. It’s a different interpretation, but when we answer the question if we think it’s legal,’Yes, it’s completely legal. Check all the boxes. It seems that it is. “

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