Hadzidou for “against” Kainourgiou- Konstandara: “It is heavy…” – 2024-04-12 12:12:13

“If my only choice was to work with her, I would change jobs,” the well-known journalist had characteristically said.

“Did someone tell him that I would propose to him?”, the Alpha presenter wrote on Twitter and added: “We would NEVER propose to him! I like to work with good people.”

Speaking on Star’s morning show, the well-known journalist pointed out: “When they touch on some things I can’t help but answer, I don’t intend to expand any further. Anyway, no one took them seriously because the issue is again who says it, but I don’t want to sit down and expand. Be well, always success.”

Immediately after the statements of Lambros Konstandaras, the Eleni Hatzidou was placed on the relations of the presenter with the well-known journalist.

“There is a past. There was a feud. Katerina Kainourgiou had said something in the past about his journalistic quality that she does not consider him a good journalist and now we go to what was created again. There is an antipathy, now it is light – lantern.

Saying I don’t want to work with someone is heavy handed but it speaks the truth. It’s professional, it’s not something personal with Katerina”, commented Eleni Hatzidou.

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