Haitian President Calls For “Peace” As Opposition Gets Ready To Protest

The Haitian President, Jovenel MoiseHe assured this Saturday that the country needs “tolerance, peace and stability,” just the day the opposition will hold demonstrations to demand his departure from power.

“Let’s forget our disputes, give priority to the collective welfare to guarantee a better country for future generations,” said the president at an act commemorating the 214th anniversary of the death of the country’s founding father, Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Moise also called on Haitians to “fight for what they need,” and specifically against the “high cost” of living.

“If you reject your own fight, they will make you the fighter of a cause that is not yours,” said the president after paying tribute to the bust of the Haitian hero at the National Pantheon Museum in the capital.

“Haiti needs tolerance, peace and stability. On the occasion of the commemoration of the death of the founding father of our nation, let us join forces, forget our disputes, give priority to the collective welfare to guarantee a better country to future generations,” he said.

The president visited the site in the company of the prime minister, Joseph Jouthe, and members of his cabinet.

Since early this morning, the entire area around the National Palace was cordoned off by various units of the National Police and the Armed Forces.

Opposition parties and organizations are announcing protests across the country this Saturday, while continuing to demand that Moise step down from power on February 7 of next year.

Last September, Moise appointed the nine members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which will have to organize the constitutional referendum to endow the country with a new Constitution, as well as local, municipal, legislative and presidential elections.

However, the country’s Constitution establishes that any popular consultation aimed at amending the text by referendum is “formally prohibited.”

Furthermore, the opposition sectors that openly confront the president have rejected the composition of the CEP and reiterated that it is not possible to hold elections due to the climate of insecurity and violence that prevails in the country.

These sectors favor a transition, by means of which Moise leaves the Presidency and that after this the elections are held.

Haiti is going through a serious economic crisis, while levels of violence have increased in recent months, with armed gangs acting freely in marginalized sectors of Port-au-Prince, in addition to a part of the members of the National Police they demand improvements in their wages in the streets.


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