Halo Infinite: The resizing of objects in Forge mode leaked on video | Xbox One

If there cooperation d’Halo Infinite will be debuting in beta later this month, this is not the case for the Forge which will continue to be delayed for a while. Despite everything, she kept showing herself via numerous leaks, including one that showed the possibilities of weapon modifications.

Giant and tiny objects

Today, it’s another feature of the long-awaited mode that surfaces thanks to a new leak. As fun as it may seem, it will be possible to resize objects and then obviously rotate them on several axes.

We can thus discover in this tweet an absolutely gigantic Master Chief several meters high. Although not really relevant here, we can imagine that the most imaginative creators will manage to create the most original experiences thanks to the multiple possibilities that this Forge seems to offer.

Unfortunately, we currently have too little official information from 343 Industries. The studio is currently aiming for a release for season 3 which will begin in November. Let’s hope the Forge isn’t pushed back yet again.

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