“Hamas” condemns Australia’s decision to classify “Hezbollah” as a “terrorist” organization

Gaza: Condemns the Islamic Resistance Movement “agitation”Thursday, Australia’s decision Classified by the Lebanese “Hezbollah”., as a terrorist organisation.

Hazem Qassem, a spokesman for the movement, considered that the Australian decision comes “in submission to the Zionist will, in response to the pressure of the enemy, in favor of the occupation and a cover-up for its continuous aggression against the Arab and Islamic nation.”

In a statement received by Anadolu Agency, he said: “Hezbollah’s resistance to the occupation, and its fulfillment of its humanitarian, religious, national and moral duty in the face of Israeli attempts of arrogance, and its defense of its people and land from Zionist aggression, is a self-evident act, and is legitimate by all international laws and human norms.”

explained that Classification of Palestinian resistance forces And Al-Arabiya, as terrorist organizations from some countries, would “encourage the Zionist entity and give it the cover to escalate its crimes against the peoples of the nation.”

Qassem warned that this step threatens “security and peace in the region, and makes countries accomplices in the crimes of the occupation.”

And on Wednesday, the Australian government announced that it is in the process of classifying the Lebanese “Hezbollah” with its military and political wings “Terrorist Organisation”.

Australia has banned since 2003 what it calls the “external security” organization affiliated with Hezbollah, which is the military wing.

It is noteworthy that 3 prominent countries in the European Union, France, the Netherlands and Germany, classify Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization” and ban its activities on their soil.



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