Hannover 96: second division hammer! Boss Martin kid away IMMEDIATELY | Sports

That’s a hammer in the 2nd league!

Martin Kind (78), the top boss at the Reds since 1997, is no longer the managing director of the professional company. In a short message, the bosses of the association informed about the expulsion. It says in two short sentences under the heading “Dismissal of Martin Kind”:

Martin Kind was dismissed as Managing Director of Hannover 96 Management GmbH with immediate effect for important reasons. The committees will decide on the new appointment of the management in a timely manner.

The notification is signed with “The Board of Directors of the Hannoverscher Sportverein von 1896 eV”!

In plain language: The five-member eV board chaired by Boss Sebastian Kramer throws the child out!

Kramer personally informed Kind of the decision yesterday in the club sports center on Stammestrasse.

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Is that possible?

Yes! Due to the 50+1 rule, the eV has the right to determine the management of the professional company. For more than two years, Kramer & Co. tried to come to an agreement with the shareholders and Ober-Boss Kind on a common Kind successor. But in the supervisory board – with two representatives of the shareholders and two of the association – every attempt at an agreement failed. A good year ago, Kind and Robert Schäfer pushed through their candidates single-handedly.

Already then the Zoff escalated, the eV representatives let child run into the wall. Schäfer was never allowed to work for the professionals, only managed the subsidiary companies “Arena” and “S&S” – and fled after 12 months at the end of June. Spicy: Kind is now the “Schäfer successor”, remains boss in the less important 96 companies.

What’s behind it?

According to BILD information, after Kind’s many wrong decisions in recent years, the eV bosses wanted a say in filling important positions such as sports director and coach. The sole ruler Kind always rejected that.

When asked, Kramer did not want to comment on the time or the “important reasons” for the child being thrown out. But there should already be a successor candidate. Kramer to BILD: “We are in talks.”

Do the reds break?

Not excluded! Kind is and remains the majority shareholder and continues to have great influence and power over his millions. And: It is inconceivable that he would accept being kicked out so easily. Kind will likely appeal the decision and try to get himself back in his executive chair with a restraining order.

The fact is: After the decision, Hannover 96 is facing the greatest ordeal of its 126-year club history.

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