Hannover 96’s Second Away Win Against Fürth: A Well-Deserved Victory!

2023-09-03 15:09:23

Second win of the season, second away win! After the 3-1 win in Fürth, Hannover 96 climbed to 7th place and are relieved to go into the international break.

Nailed under the bar! Hanover slams Fürth away

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Coach Stefan Leitl (46): “We’re super happy that we were able to win the game. It was well deserved, but also hard work. Compliments to the team!”

Nicolo Tresoldi (16′), Derrick Köhn (22′) and Marcel Halstenberg (57′) scored for 96. Julian Green (50′) scored the interim goal.

The strongest Halstenberg provided the most emotional moment of the day (BILD rating 2). The returnee from Leipzig knelt down after his header to make it 3-1 and stretched two fingers to the sky. Greetings to the parents Andreas (✝︎57) and Petra (✝︎57) who died in 2020!

Halstenberg: “The celebration was a greeting to my parents, who I miss, who I always think of and who watch over me.”

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It was his first second division goal for Hannover 96. The new 96 defense chief had previously scored in the cup defeat in Sandhausen (5:7 on penalties).

Halstenberg had moved back home from RB Leipzig to Hanover for family reasons, opting for the 2nd division instead of the Champions League.

In Fürth he led his new colleagues to a deserved victory. Nicolo Tresoldi (19) also delivered a great game. The storm jewel of the Reds scored the 1-0 themselves and prepared the 2-0 by Derrick Köhn (24).

“I’m happy to help the team with goals and assists,” Tresoldi said happily. Monday he goes to the U20 national team, but first he needs some sleep. Tresoldi: “I’m really broken, I need regeneration now.”

Emotional hits from Halstenberg and Tresoldi – but Derrick Köhn scored the best goal.

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He chased the ball into the left corner after a Tresoldi pass. A dream banger! Fürth’s coach Alexander Zorniger (55): “He won’t do that again in his life.” Leitl disagreed: “A nice goal, but not the first of this quality. He proved that last season.”

Incidentally, Zorniger had to follow the Kleeblatt bankruptcy from the stands and was suspended after being sent off a week ago in Berlin (0:5).

After the 3:1 in Fürth, Leitl gave his winners two days off.

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