Harry won’t be seen by King Charles due to ‘busy schedule’ – 2024-05-08 18:58:21

There seems to be a twist in the schedule of Prince Harry and King Charles as son and father will not meet, despite strong rumors that the two of them would manage to meet.

Prince Harry landed in Britain earlier today to attend a ceremony on May 8 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games and – although nothing has been officially confirmed – British media said he would meet King Charles. But now Prince Harry will not be meeting Charles due to the king’s “full schedule”.

Prince Harry’s spokesman also said today: “In response to the many and ongoing speculations as to whether or not the Duke will meet his father during his stay in the UK this week, unfortunately it will not be possible due to of His Majesty’s full programme. The Duke of course understands his father’s commitments and various other priorities, hoping to see him soon.”

Alone, without Meghan Markle and their children, Prince Harry in Britain

Prince Harry returned to Britain for the first time since visiting King Charles in February following his cancer diagnosis. The Duke of Sussex is expected to speak at the event, which marks a decade since the Invictus Games began in London in 2014. He is also alone, without Meghan Markle and their children, according to British media.

However, Prince Harry is not expected to see his brother Prince William, who is scheduled to be away in London, or Kate Middleton, whose cancer treatment is continuing after the revelation last March.

“He really wants to see his father”

A source quoted by the Sun last week said Harry was “very keen to meet his father” and that “while the Duke is normally 5,000 miles away from his father in California, it will be a happy coincidence that they meet just two miles away next week.’

That publication further stated that Harry “is clearly very keen to see his father as he continues his recovery and most people expect another reunion of some sort next week”.

It is recalled that Harry made a short trip to the UK in February, spending around 45 minutes with his father, who had just started treatment for cancer.

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