Hasan Salihamidzic slaps Serge Gnabry off! “Amateur”

Verbal slap for Serge Gnabry!

“It’s amateurish, it doesn’t fit Bayern Munich,” scolded Hasan Salihamidzic after the game FC Bayern’s meager 1-1 draw against FC Köln in the catacombs of the Allianz Arena. “That’s exactly what I don’t like.”

“On a day off, it’s important to rest and not twirl around somewhere to be able to step on the gas for the next game. We’ll talk about that tomorrow,” announced the Munich sports director. “Of course there is a need for discussion.” (NEWS: All current information about the Bundesliga)

“I believe that a player can do whatever he wants in his free time. It’s important that the correct answer is always on the field,” said FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann in the run-up to the game against Cologne, but let it be known that he wasn’t exactly happy about the trip. (DATA: Bundesliga schedule)

Gnabry was still in the starting XI on Tuesday, but was substituted again at half-time. So didn’t he give the answer on the pitch?

“To be honest, I don’t rate the outside drum, I’m not that boulevard-like,” Nagelsmann said in an interview after the game SPORTS1.

“I’m trying to evaluate what’s happening in the game and what’s left on the bench and who might bring a breath of fresh air. Since we then made the switch, I decided to make the switch.” (DATA: Bundesliga results)

So if the change was a performance issue, Nagelsmann was involved Sky asked. His answer: “Certainly not a Fashion Week topic.”

Hasan Salihamidzic may see things differently.

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