Haslauer demands that Salzburg AG examine the Verbund verdict

Pricing should be presented in a transparent and comprehensible manner

Salzburg (OTS) The Supervisory Board meeting will take place at Salzburg AG on Wednesday, March 7, 2023, and the agenda has been set since last Friday. In the run-up to this meeting, Governor Wilfried Haslauer is now asking the two board members, Michael Baminger and Brigitte Bach, to present a comprehensive and comprehensible explanation and legal justification by the management of Salzburg AG, in view of the first instance judgment of the Vienna Commercial Court against the association.

“Should it turn out to be unlawful in the general price increase by Austrian energy companies and possibly also those in Salzburg AG, the measures taken must be reversed immediately in the interests of the customers,” said Haslauer unequivocally. “Today I have commissioned the Management Board of Salzburg AG to clarify and present the following three points before the Supervisory Board meeting:”

1) I expect an immediate examination of the possible effects of a possible association judgment as well as a general, transparent and comprehensible explanation of the previous pricing.

2) In addition to the extensive measures that have already been taken, I am also immediately calling for concrete concepts for further electricity price reductions so that the excessive burden on the people of Salzburg can be reduced.

3) With regard to the restructuring of the transport sector, consensus was reached in the state government for the next steps. This unavoidable restructuring must now be pushed ahead quickly and consistently, as the current organization and implementation does not meet our requirements and the attractiveness of public transport urgently needs to be improved. Here, too, I demand clarity by the time of the Supervisory Board meeting as to whether there are any backlogs in investments. If this is the case, Salzburg AG must take over.

“In addition, it will be the task of the Austrian energy companies and Salzburg AG to explain the need for price increases in such a way that the public can understand them. I therefore no longer have any understanding for cloistered calculation formulas and systemic arguments at European level, but am calling for clear concepts as quickly as possible so that further relief measures can be taken for the population as quickly as possible,” said Governor Wilfried Haslauer.

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