Hautes-Pyrénées: still two cases of dengue fever confirmed, but the situation is likely to change

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The regional health agency (ARS) indicates that to date, two cases of native dengue fever have been confirmed in the Hautes-Pyrénées. Both are located in Andrest.

A first indigenous case of dengue fever in the department was identified on August 16, in Andrest. A second case was reported and confirmed near the first, still in the town of Andrest. “This is a second case in the chronology of discovery but it predates, by a few days, the first reported case”, specifies Manon Mordelet, delegate of the ARS in the Hautes-Pyrénées. “They are both in the same period of contamination and contagiousness” adds Manon Mordelet. The ARS delegate essentially explains that for each new confirmed case, the prevention protocol is relaunched: epidemiological investigation, information, mosquito control operations, etc.

Mosquito control operations beyond Andrest

This involves tracing the places and people who may have been in contact with an infected person. “We have to do according to the movements of people, the duration and period of contagiousness, and also the reproduction and incubation cycle of the mosquito. This is why, for the mosquito control operations, there were sometimes perimeters that went beyond Andrest. We had residents who were a little surprised in certain municipalities, but the mosquito control operations are adjusting to the epidemiological investigation. A mosquito control perimeter is thus determined to eliminate the adult population of mosquitoes where there is a risk of contamination, that is to say, where the person went when they were contagious” specifies Manon Mordelet. It is necessary to carry out two mosquito control operations, at night, one on D1 and the other on D5. Thus, on Andrest, a first mosquito control operation was therefore carried out on the night of August 21 to 22 by the operator Altopictus, mandated by ARS Occitanie. A second mosquito control operation was carried out on the night of August 25 to 26 on a wider perimeter, still in Andrest. In addition, the local residents concerned received, on August 23, an information medium directly in their mailboxes. An epidemiological investigation process was conducted with them on August 25. Three teams of agents from the ARS and Public Health France carried out a door-to-door survey of more than a hundred people living in this district. This approach aims both to identify potential new suspected cases and to provide all the local residents concerned with prevention and individual protection information.
“In relation to this operation, we are still awaiting the results of the samples taken. There, in absolute terms, has the situation evolved, no, is it likely to change in the hours to come, yes, ”concludes the ARS delegate.

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