HC St-Imier takes revenge on HC Tramelan

Defeated in the first leg, HC St-Imier won the second derby of the season against HC Tramelan in the 1st ice hockey league. The Bats outscored the Sharks 5-1 on Wednesday night in St-Imier. In front of 352 spectators, Steve Pochon’s men confirmed their success last weekend against the leader. Protected by Martin Bergeron, they suffered their second defeat in a row.

“Sainti” enterprising entry

The HCSI immediately put pressure on the tramelote formation. On several occasions, the Bats recovered the puck in the opposing camp. Enough to create several opportunities. But the Imériens lacked address and also broke their teeth against the HCT doorman. The Sharks were discreet and, by holding back the attacks of the HCSI, became undisciplined. So undisciplined that Steve Pochon’s proteges had the opportunity to evolve in numerical superiority for almost 7 ‘(including several at 5 against 3). It is therefore logical and after several other overused opportunities that the Bats opened the scoring, 5 against 3, in the 16th minute of play by Vivian Pelletier.

The Bats double their advantage…

HC St-Imier did not loosen the grip during the 2nd third. He created fewer chances than in the first 20 minutes but he managed to double the lead in the 28th minute. Quentin Pecaut took advantage of two tramp players colliding at the level of their blue zone to recover the puck and deliver it subtly to Loïc Pecaut. The latter did not hesitate to bring the score to 2-0. Subsequently, the HC Tramelan fished in the penultimate and the last gesture. He got himself a few situations to come back to 2-1 but without success.

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