“HDMI Converter V2 (for PS2) by Columbus Circle: Convert PS2 Video Output to HDMI for TV and PC Monitors”

2023-05-30 03:24:35

Columbus Circle will release the PlayStation 2 peripheral device “HDMI Converter V2 (for PS2)” in early July. The reference price is 2,178 yen.

This product is a video output converter that converts the video output of PS2 to HDMI and can be played on a TV or PC monitor equipped with an HDMI terminal. As a feature of “V2”, the layout of the power supply terminal has been changed so that it can be used comfortably both horizontally and vertically on PS2 main units such as SCPH-10000. Also, with this change, it became possible to comfortably use even “thin PS2” after SCPH-70000.

The converter body is equipped with an audio output terminal, and audio can be output to external devices such as earphones and speakers. Please note that this product is exclusively for PS2 games and cannot output the original PS game.

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