“He deserves the congressional gold medal” (video)

In a video filmed by a reporter for the Washington Post, Eugene Goodman, a veteran of the United States Army and a ten-year Capitol police officer, holds back, alone, the crowd of assailants who have invaded the building. Armed with a baton, he tries to keep Donald Trump’s supporters at bay and takes them upstairs, where other police officers were waiting as reinforcements.

More importantly, Eugene Goodman led this crowd away from the room where senators had taken refuge. Although the latter were protected by other police officers, the confrontation with the attackers could have done a lot of damage and even cost lives.

The Congress Gold Medal

In this sense, Eugene Goodman’s attitude has been recognized as heroic by several figures in American politics. Jaime Harrison, a former Democratic candidate for the Senate in South Carolina, even suggested he receive the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor that can be bestowed by Congress in the United States.

“The word hero does not sufficiently describe Officer Eugene Goodman. His judgment and his heroism may have saved our Republic. I hope Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and James E. Clyburn will consider him for the congressional gold medal. It’s the least we can do, ”Jaime Harrison tweeted.


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