“He doesn’t have enough respect to say hello?” »

In the show Cam Capone NewsNapoleon, former Outlawz band member, told an anecdote about the collaboration that could have taken place between the two late artists.

Michael Jackson did not want to come to the studio

The connection could have been legendary. A few weeks ago, the son of Quincy Jones revealed that Michael Jackson had refused a featuring to 2Pac out of loyalty to Biggie. Two days ago, Napoleon, a former member of the group Outlawz of which 2Pac was a part, explained that the opportunity had already presented itself and that, this time around, it’s the rapper who turned down The King of Pop.

While he had to pose a verse for Michael Jackson, 2Pac found himself alone in the studio: « Pac explained that he was called to go to the studio and do a song with Michael Jackson. He had to go there to lay a verse. He was so happy that he told his mother and all his family. He went to the studio and asked : « Where is Michael Jackson? » His team replied that he would not come. They wanted him to put his verse anyway. Pac got up and left saying : « He may be Michael Jackson, he doesn’t have enough respect to come say hello and talk to me ? I won’t do this song…“” explains Napoleon.

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