He falls from the bridge on his rented electric bike and dies at 39

Aid in the Feltre area

The victim is Denis Bona, the accident took place in Salgarda in Feltrino on Thursday but the body and the mountain bike were only found on Friday at 6pm

FELT. He was returning down the road that leads from Arson to Salgarda, when at the height of the bridge he lost control of the e-bike he had rented and fell into the bed of the Caorame stream, losing his life. The one discovered on Friday afternoon around 6 pm was a dramatic fatal accident, when the carabinieri were called by a citizen who had noticed that body six meters below and not far away, in the middle of the water, the bright red mountain bike.

The victim is 39 year old Denis Bona, residing a few hundred meters from the accident site, in via Salgarda Vecchia. The accident in Bona dates back to 24 hours earlier, so Thursday, when at 5:45 pm, a few tens of meters from the bridge, in via Dardagnin, he met a friend with whom he stopped briefly to talk. After saying goodbye, everyone went their own way and a few seconds later the tragedy that had no witnesses was consummated.

In the loss of control of the e-bike, Bona may have been betrayed by the engine that drives these types of cycles. A sudden acceleration could have caught him by surprise not giving him time to brake. Then there is the fact that a section of the parapet is missing on that bridge, a circumstance that may have had a decisive influence on the fatal outcome of the accident.

Bona’s absence began to worry family and friends on Friday morning and so began a round of phone calls to see if anyone had seen him. Precisely that contact the day before close to the bridge made the recipes concentrate on the short stretch that separated Bona from her home.

The firefighters arrived in force, flanked by the carabinieri of Feltre, both with the mobile radio unit and with the patrols of the Feltre station. The firefighters illuminated the area with photoelectrics and went down to the bed of the stream verifying that the 39 year old showed no signs of life. At that point, the recovery of the body began, with a winch thanks to which a fireman descended with the stretcher.

The body was reassembled and returned to the street where the doctor was waiting to ascertain the death. The body was then entrusted to the hearse and transferred to the morgue. Subsequently, the firefighters also proceeded to fish out the electric mountain bike which will probably be subjected to a check to identify any malfunction.

The tragedy that struck the family of the 39 year old who lives in the nearby hamlet of Villabruna remains and left the community where he was well known stunned. Bona was a sports person and was used to moving in the mountains, both on foot and by bicycle. After having worked in the past in several companies in the Feltre area, Bona had focused on the financial transactions sector. –


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