He gets rid of the 1 year old child to steal a car

A car thief in the United States, in Louisiana, was quite surprised when he saw that a toddler was in the stolen vehicle.

On June 29, Johnathon Perkins, 21, allegedly stole a Subaru brand car parked in front of a business. He would not have noticed that a baby was inside the vehicle, authorities said.

Before abandoning the car to flee, Mr Perkins reportedly left the 1-year-old child on the edge of a busy street. Fortunately, the toddler was found safe and sound by a motorist.

“I was driving and saw an object on the side of the street. As I approached, I thought it was a doll. Then, it was as I got closer that I saw that it was a real baby. (…) I called 911,” Brian Stewart told ABC.

Johnathon Perkins was arrested and now faces multiple charges including kidnapping a minor.

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