He killed his wife by giving him a quotation to collect the insurance amount; CCTV Trap- Rajasthan| Murder| Manorama News

Jaipur – The husband who killed his wife using quotation gang to get the insurance amount has been arrested. The death of Shalu Devi (32), a native of Jaipur, Rajasthan, and her cousin Raju (36) proved to be murder. The police arrested her husband Mahesh Chandra, Mukesh Singh Rathore, accused in several criminal cases, and his accomplices Rakesh Kumar and Sonu Singh.

The couple had been at loggerheads since 2017. In 2019, Shaludevi filed a complaint against her husband for dowry harassment. It was recently that Mahesh became close to his wife again. Shaludevi and her cousin Raju were killed in a car accident on October 5 while going to the temple on a bike. But the police said that Mahesh used a hired killer to kill Shalu for the insurance amount of Rs 1.90 crore. The police found that the accident was planned after examining the CCTV footage.

Mukesh Singh Rathore, a hired killer and gang leader, was promised Rs 10 lakh for the murder. Of this, five and a half lakh rupees had already been paid. When his wife and relative left for the temple on October 5th, it was Mahesh himself who handed over the location information. The police said that Mukesh and his gang killed the two by running their car over them.

English Summary: Rajasthan man killed wife and staged road accident to get insurance amount

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