He leaves his wife to live with the Ukrainian refugee they had been hosting for 10 days

A British man left his wife, with whom he had lived for ten years and with whom he had two children, after falling in love with the Ukrainian refugee whom the couple had welcomed into their home for ten days, various British media report.

Wishing to help the Ukrainian people following the Russian invasion, Tony Garnett and his wife Lorna decided to offer their house, located in the city of Bradford, to welcome a refugee. Sofiia Karkadym, a 22-year-old Ukrainian, got in touch with the couple, who agreed to take her in. After waiting for her visa for several weeks, she finally arrived at the British couple on May 4.

The young woman says she immediately fell in love with Tony. The 29-year-old says he and Sofia quickly developed a great chemistry. Tony speaks Slovak, a language close to Ukrainian, so the two were able to communicate more easily.

This situation, however, made Lorna jealous, since she did not understand what her spouse and the refugee were saying to each other. Also, Tony and Sofia were spending more and more time together. She trained with him at the gym, they talked a lot about the car together and began to get closer physically in the house.

“We found excuses to touch and touch each other. We was flirting a lot, but it didn’t go any further,” says Tony.

Nevertheless, the father of the family and his wife Lorna began to argue since she wondered why Sofia was following Tony everywhere.

Then an altercation between the two women led Sofia to say that she could no longer live under the same roof as Lorna. The click then happened in Tony’s head, who decided to leave the family residence to go live with Sofia.

They settled with his parents, the time to find a place to live. Tony says he’s sorry for the pain he caused Lorna.

“We didn’t plan to do this and we didn’t want to hurt anyone,” he said.

Soffia Kardakym, for her part, told the newspaper The Sun that her parents were now ashamed of her.

“They say that because of me, nobody in the UK wants to welcome Ukrainians anymore,” proclaims the 22-year-old young woman.

The latter claims that she receives a lot of messages from people who insult her by calling her a “horrible person.”

“I’m not a homewrecker!” insists the Ukrainian.

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