He made his wish to be a doctor come true by studying in Bahía Blanca – La Brújula 24

Jhonier Dimate Pineda was sure from the age of 11 that he wanted to be a doctor. Thanks to the fact that a relative of his was living in Bahía Blanca, he came to the city after finishing high school in his native Colombia and this year he received his diploma from the National University of the South (UNS).

“When I was little my mom asked me and without thinking I said medicine. In Colombia it is one of the most coveted careers, the one who has the resources pays for it and the one who does not study anything else even if he does not like it”, commented Dimate.

He wants to specialize as a pediatrician and is about to start his residency. “I did a year of pharmacy, it took me two years to accredit pharmacy. I tried three times to get into medicine. Having persevered was important, trying, not giving up, ”she commented on the program The Compass 24.

“I left with the registration in hand and said ‘wow, I didn’t pay anything,'” he reflected when comparing with his country of origin.

“The care that one puts into it, the support of the family is important. Right now I’m naturalized. I am going to do pediatrics in La Plata or in Buenos Aires, I have had the idea of ​​practicing Penna, we have internships there since the first year, ”he assured.

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