“He opened his eyes”: family confirms recovery of Aníbal Ortiz and that the goalkeeper woke up from a coma | Football

Aníbal Ortiz was able to wake up from the coma and is under observation in the hospital, waiting for new records and his evolution in the first hours.

Some positive news regarding Hannibal OrtizU-12 goalkeeper University of ChileIt was revealed this Thursday.

The teenager, who was the victim of a vehicle accident that left him on the verge of death, woke up from induced coma and shows significant signs of recoveryhis father confirmed to BioBioChile.

“My son is no longer intubated and was able to open his eyes today.” declared Carlos Ortiz.

“He is no longer connected to the machine that helped him breathe and is under observation while they see his evolution. We have to wait a couple of days for him to hold on to his own breathing.”

“He heard our voice and wept with emotion”

Carlos Ortiz also stated that his son could hear his voice and his familywhen he first opened his eyes after the accident.

“Aníbal was able to hear our voice and began to cry with emotion.. At first he spoke a little. He has made significant progress in these hours,” he stated.

In addition, he commented that “It will have to be a couple of days in observations, to see if it does not have some important sequel with the passage of time.”

Of course, the present is positive. “The nurse said that she can understand what is spoken to her and that is very important, because he does not compromise risks in his mind”, Hannibal’s father added.

An operation on the horizon

Another important thing expressed by the father of the young archer, is that physically, he has a slight deviation of his jawpractically imperceptible to the human eye and that the maxillofacial surgeon wanted to operate on it as soon as possible, but that was ruled out.

Carlos Ortiz revealed: “The maxillofacial surgeon talked with us and wanted to operate today, he mentioned that this was the best time to operate, but together with other doctors they decided not to do it, because they could go on to damage other things due to the recentness of their awakening”.

“Now the operation was left for one or two more months. So these first few days will be a pure diagnosis for the future evaluations that they will have to do”Ortiz detailed.

“Thank you very much for the support”

Finally, Hannibal’s father also expressed his deep gratitude to those who have been watching over his son’s situation.

“We are happy with today’s situation. We want to thank everyone who has been present in these difficult times as a family. Thank you all for the support and this is just beginning.

It should be remembered that there are still receiving contributions and donations for future events that will be held to help the cause of Aníbal Ortiz.

The father’s account is still enabled to be able to collaborate (Carlos Ortiz, 18.913.804-0, Bank of Chile, Current Account, 00-137-05643-05, [email protected]).

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