He played with MESSI and now he sells balloons like CUCHUFLITO CLOWN

Behind the animator character is Hernán, who was a neighbor of Leo’s family and played with him and his brothers. “He drove them all crazy,” he assured.

By the pedestrian of the intersection of Córdoba and San Martín streets, in Rosario Hundreds of people pass by with hundreds of stories, from tourists to workers. During the last 20 years, there was something in common, they all came across a person with painted face, cheering on the little ones and selling balloons. They know him as the Clown Cuchuflito, but behind the character is hernanwho knew how to be neighbor of the Messi family and came to play football with Lionel.

When Clown Cuchuflito played with Messi in Rosario: “He drove them all crazy”

Because of his age, Hernán’s friendship was with Matíasone of the older brothers of Leo, who at the age of 10 accompanied them to play football beside Rodrigothe other brother, to Municipal Park of Villa Gobernador Gálvez (a few kilometers from Rosario), where La Pulga already made a difference despite its size. “Leo must have been 10 years old. We went with the brothers, Rodrigo and Matías. Giancarlo, the boy who managed the teams in the La Bajada neighborhood, took him to Leo that day. He played with some boys and, before starting, one told him to get the little boy out because he was going to get hit”began by telling Hernán in an interview with Infobae.

Before the rival’s comment, Giancarlo replied: “No, leave the little boy, I’ll take care of it”, and he left him playing Leo on a field full of sand, where he was already beginning to show why years later he would be the best player in the world and one of the best in all of history. ““I never saw a 10-year-old boy drive all those mastodons crazy. You know he drove them all crazy! We won. I don’t remember today, but far away. He scored a lot of goals. They couldn’t catch him. funny apart because the guy, canchero, said ‘the little kid is going to hit himself’. We did that with the kids, we enjoyed it, “ Hernan concluded.

Agüero, without filter on Messi’s departure from Barcelona: “It seemed that…”

The Argentine striker, who had to retire from professional activity with the Blaugrana colors due to a heart problem, gave an interview to the Spanish program El Chiringuito and referred to Messi’s departure from Barcelona without mincing words: “When Messi seemed that he was going to renew, he told me every three or four days to take a photo of him with the shirt,” revealed in the first instance. Although he had accepted a substantial reduction in his salary to be able to continue in one of the clubs of his loves, the great contract that the Rosario star had in Culé was the great stumbling block that the Barca leadership put in order not to renew the link and the main source of criticism for Leo. Kun defended his friend: “He was not to blame. He responds to the decisions of those who arrange his contract. Messi was not in the negotiations. The truth is known by the people who were in the negotiations,” assured.

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