He tried to hunt a wild boar, but the animal killed him to defend himself

Lazzaro Valle, a 74-year-old Italian millionaire ex-banker from the town of Arenzano, Genoa, met his death in his country on a hunting expedition where a wild boar killed him after the man shot him.

The accident, widely reported by local media, including the “Gazzetta del Sud”, they realized that Valle shot the animal when he had already cornered it, however the gunshot wound did not intimidate the wild boar, which immediately pounced on the 74-year-old man to bite him with its fangs.

The fatal outcome after the wild boar attack

The wounds inflicted by the animal were so deep that caused Valle a cut in the femoral artery of his right leg, causing profuse bleeding that none of his friends could control before being admitted to the hospital in Alessandria, where he was finally declared dead due to the great loss of blood .

Considering their rapid reproduction, hunting of these animals is legal in many parts of the world, and even in Rome the wild boar is considered a pest that has even reached urban centers.


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