He tried to prevent his brother from being arrested in Tucumán, but in the struggle he killed his father

2023-10-17 01:09:01

A tragic episode shocked Tucumán on Mother’s Day. A 40-year-old man died after being shot by one of his sons who was trying to prevent his brother’s arrest with a shotgun.

The incident occurred in the early hours of this Monday, in a home located in the 7 de Abril neighborhood, on National Route 34. The fatal victim was identified as Ramon Miranda Romano.

It all started after the meeting they had held for the holiday. Three brothers were drinking alcohol and, for reasons that are still being clarified, a strong argument broke out.

Little by little, the fight escalated and it was the mother who alerted the police to avoid further conflicts. Minutes later, agents approached the scene and The eldest son was arrested23 years old.

In this context, another of the young people, identified as Luca Miranda Romano (21), entered one of the rooms of the house and took a shotgun to avoid the police stopped his brother.

When the young man went to rebuke the police, his father, Ramón Antonio Miranda Romano (40), intercepted him because he did not want the event to escalate. At that moment, A struggle began between the two.

In that circumstance, the 21-year-old young man pulled the trigger and the shot hit the manwho lost his life on the spot.

The case is investigated by prosecutor Ignacio López Bustos, in charge of the Homicide Prosecutor’s Unit 1, who ordered that the Scientific Tax Investigation Team (ECIF) of the Public Prosecutor’s Office take intervention in the incident and carry out the corresponding expertise.

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