He was diagnosed with terminal cancer, planned his funeral thinking he might die, and ended up recovering

27 may. 2022 – 18:25 hrs.

Tasha Thor Streets, 49, had recently moved in with her husband and their children from previous relationships, when she suddenly noticed there was blood in her stool. However, at that time she did not take the weight of the situation, believing that it was stress.

But later he developed other symptoms, such as pain in your stomach and back. For this reason, around Christmas time in 2016 she decided to go to a doctor, since the blood loss was already becoming more and more evident, reports Mirror.

After a series of tests, the woman, a native of Rochford, United Kingdomended up receiving devastating news: “The doctor told me I had terminal bowel cancer., had spread to my lungs and offered me palliative care. It was absolutely shocking,” she stated.

The woman planned her funeral

Upon hearing the terrible news, Tasha commented that “it never occurred to me that my symptoms could be bowel cancer. I was fit, healthy, and careful about my diet, and there was no history of it in my family.”

Finding out that it wasn’t just cancer, but that she was going to die from it, was almost too much to bear.“, Said the affected, who assumed that the most likely thing is that she would die from the disease.


Likewise, started planning his funeral and thought about how she wanted her inner circle to say goodbye to her: “I was constantly in tears and had some very emotional conversations with the children,” she said.

The recuperation

Although his cancer was stage 3, the doctors still hoped that the patient could recover with a delicate surgery. And so it was, since the operation was successful, so later he began with the respective chemotherapy.

“My side effects were severe, including extreme tiredness, sadness, nerve pain, and a negative reaction to sunlight and cold,” he said.


Finally, Tasha made it clear that the treatment brought several changes to her life and that she now has other eating habits: “I can no longer digest red meat and processed foods. I also avoid beans, regularly visit a homeopath and seek ways to improve my gut health,” she concluded.

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