«Health»: Medical prescriptions through «My Health» with fees .. and through «My prescription» for free – Saudi News

The Ministry of Health revealed that the prescriptions issued through the “My Recipe” service from hospitals and health centers through a text message are free and can be dispensed from foreign pharmacies using the prescription code contained in the message.

She emphasized that the electronic prescription issued through medical consultations through the “My Health” application is charged when dispensed at commercial pharmacies, as the application helps to obtain a prescription only according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

It is noteworthy that the “My Recipe” service is an additional access channel that connects hospitals and health care centers with private pharmacies, where the beneficiary can receive the drug from the pharmacy closest to him and at the appropriate time for him for free, and to obtain a prescription, he must go to one of the health care centers shared with the “Wasfaati” service. “After registration and diagnosis by the doctor to issue a prescription, the beneficiary receives the message of the prescription, and he can then visit the nearest pharmacy shared in the service to dispense the drug for free.

Regarding the time period for re-dispensing the drug to patients, the drug is re-dispensed for a period not exceeding three months from the date of issuing the first prescription.

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