Health Net” 5 ways to control blood sugar by reducing sedentary time to increase your standing time

Using a standing work table can reduce your sedentary time and improve blood sugar. (The picture is taken from unsplash)

[Health Channel / Comprehensive Report]Reducing sedentary sitting can also help diabetes! According to foreign media “The conversationThe report pointed out that as long as you stand up and walk for 2-3 minutes every hour from sedentary sitting, you can better control your blood sugar and provide 5 ways to easily make yourself sit less in your daily life.

The number of people diagnosed with diabetes worldwide has increased by 16% compared to two years ago. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) estimates that 537 million adults worldwide have diabetes. This year, 6.7 million people have died of diabetes, an average of every 5 seconds. According to the statistics of the National Health Administration, there are more than 2 million people with diabetes in Taiwan, and the number is increasing rapidly every year.

David Dunstan, director of the Baker Institute of Cardiology and Diabetes in Melbourne, Australia, pointed out that reducing sedentary time is a good first step, because instead of developing a new exercise habit, it is obviously easier to stand up and walk occasionally, especially For those who usually rarely exercise or who have other chronic diseases.

David said that the simple life strategy of using standing instead of sitting can improve metabolism. Of course, it would be better to do some light exercise and help “absorb” the increased blood sugar of diabetic patients.

David said that some studies have pointed out that spending more time on daily light activities, such as organizing housework, playing with pets, organizing potted plants, etc., can be more effective than those that are required to be performed and structured. Control blood sugar well.

5 ways to reduce sedentary time

●Use a height-adjustable table or standing desk, from standing for a few minutes a day, gradually increasing to standing or walking for 30 minutes every hour.

● Stand up and walk when answering the phone or in a meeting on the phone.

●Try to walk a little bit more on the way to work, or go for a walk with friends.

●After completing a stage of work, or after chasing your latest drama, take a walk nearby.

●Use 3C products to remind yourself to get up and walk around at regular intervals.

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