Health: The infections of the syncytial virus are not widespread and will not turn into a pandemic

The National Vaccination Center in Vaxera, affiliated to the Ministry of the health And the population is that the infections of the syncytial virus are not large, and all of them recover quickly after obtaining the specified medication, according to the treatment protocol for adults and children.

Dr. Mostafa Mohammadi, director of the National Vaccination Center in Vaxera, confirmed in statements to “The Seventh Day” that the syncytial virus spreads rapidly and spreads widely among children, continuing: “It will never reach the level of a pandemic and has been present for many years.”

Dr. Mostafa Mohammadi, Director of the National Vaccination Center in Vaxera, added for the seventh day that the influenza and corona vaccines do not affect at all in preventing syncytial infection, but each vaccine has a specific function for which it was created, and there are no currently registered vaccines for the syncytial virus.

And Al-Muhammadi continued: “There are more than 27 stations to monitor the developments and mutations of respiratory viruses at the level of the Republic, stressing that the central laboratories have advanced reagents that can identify infections related to corona, seasonal influenza, and syncytial virus.” Hand, wear a mask, and not enter into crowds.

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