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Heartbroken daughter, 54-year-old mother dies three days after Pfizer injections, doctors say severe lung infection

Shocked daughter, 54-year-old mother dies after injectionPfizerThe first dose, 3 days, the doctor identified a severe lung infection. Revealed symptoms after injection, numbness of the limbs, spasticity, severe dizziness

(3 Dec. 64) It was reported that Mrs. Rattana, 54 years old, Kalasin province, died after Pfizer vaccination. At Kalasin Hospital at 11:50 p.m., with relatives indicating that they had been vaccinated 3 days before death. While the doctors concluded that the cause of death from severe pneumonia.

The atmosphere at the funeral was filled with sorrow. Ms. Kannicha, 32 years old, daughter of the deceased Rattana, said that the cause of her mother’s death myself and all relatives It is believed to be a result of the mother receiving her first dose of Pfizer vaccination. By going to receive the injection service at the 80th Birthday Anniversary Hall in front of the Kalasin Province City Hall at 11:00 AM on November 29, 64 after the vaccination. After sitting for a while, my mother said that my body was abnormal. Limbs have numbness, stiffness, severe dizziness. So he told him to go buy water and mangoes to eat. to relieve dizziness When he drank water and mango, he vomited. So inform the staff to pick up the mother to sleep in the auditorium. But the mother still had dizziness and blurred vision. So he called an ambulance to take her to the emergency room at Kalasin Hospital.

But the symptoms have not improved. Until the morning of November 30, the mother’s condition is still worrisome. Finally, around 11 p.m., I was informed that my mother had died and never returned. The doctor diagnosed the cause of death from a severe pneumonia. while he and his relatives believed that it was a result of vaccination. therefore asked for fairness from the relevant part. Be fair to the deceased mother and our family.

Dr. Apichai Limanon, a public health doctor in Kalasin Province, said that in the event that Mrs. Rattana died He had already received a report from Kalasin Hospital. Initially, it was known that the hospital and the relatives of the deceased There has been some discussion. The doctor has fully treated. and will join in the prayer tonight as well. After receiving the vaccination It will proceed in the next order. by collecting relevant documents Import a step-by-step assistance committee


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