Hearth and Home update release date revealed

Valheim, the astonishing success story of 2021, returns to the fore with the arrival of the Hearth and Home update announced at Gamescom. One more reason to dive back into this most seductive survival game.

[Mis à jour le 27 août 2021 à 17h22] Swedish studio Iron Gate’s open-world survival game continues to chart its course. A thunderous success and very positive reviews, but a game that suffered greatly from the lack of addition of content, despite the commendable transparency of the Iron Gate teams. We are talking about the past tense because the small Swedish studio announced to Gamescom the release of the big Hearth and Home update. A first step of the roadmap of the announced updates validated, which risks bringing a little warmth to this universe as icy as it is fascinating.

Gamescom 2021 never stops bombarding us with information. During Opening Night Live, we saw an animated trailer for the Hearth and Home update. This is great news for the Valheim gaming community. The long-awaited update finally has a deployment date: the September 16. An update that should deepen the basic construction aspect of the game, including adding new new recipes of the kitchen, from new materials, a new farming system and of new objects to build. What to dive back into this excellent survival to push a little more the customization of his beloved home.

If we dive a little into the details of this update, we can find there an overhaul of the system of stamina and life, through combat and food. Food will be divided into three categories, providing bonuses for stamina, health, or both. And that directly influences the fights. For example, shield parries are now linked to the player’s maximum health points, ie a player with many health points, thanks to the appropriate food, can tank many hits. On the contrary, a player wishing to favor the damage will rather lean a food giving endurance, which will allow him to multiply the blows, to the detriment of his points of life. We can therefore discover two quite distinct ways of playing, adding a layer to the depth of the gameplay.

The wait for this update was especially marked by one thing, one thing that cannot be taken away from the Iron Gate teams: their ability to openly communicate on the progress of future updates to the game. An honesty well received by his many fans, in spite of delays sometimes rather long. It must be said that no one could have predicted such a success for this little independent survival game, which has almost risen to the level of the giant Minecraft in terms of popularity. Such a large and sudden influx of players made it difficult for the small development team, which focused on fixing certain bugs and issues, rather than adding new content. A completely understandable choice, making it possible to make an already relatively complete gaming experience more stable.

This is why, as mentioned above, the Iron Gate team removed their game development roadmap from their site, knowing full well that they would not be able to meet the goal of four big additions of content by the end of 2021. And the first step in this roadmap fire was the “Hearth & Home” update. And it is well on its way! It will then be immediately followed by a patch dedicated to the introduction of content in one of the new biomes of the game: “Mistlands”. Valheim still has a bright future ahead of him and, in a way, postponing updates also allows us to work on them in more detail. Quality content later, rather than incomplete right away, is what seems to be the watchword at Iron Gate Studio, which plans to republish its amended roadmap shortly. In the meantime, the Iron Gate teams still very regularly publish patches that greatly improve the game experience and its optimization.

Valheim is an open-world survival game where you play as a fallen viking who joins one of the afterlife worlds of Norse mythology: Valheim. The player must craft items to survive in a self-generated world and defeat the enemies of Odin hidden there. Crafting, resource management, exploration, everything came together to make Valheim one of the successes of the year 2021. And it is more the case, because this little game originally developed by a team of five people risks to reach 8 million sales in early July. A beautiful story rewarding an ambitious and original game.

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Valheim is today only available on Linux and PC via Steam. A version in full work, which Iron Gate has announced that it wants to finish before a possible export to consoles.

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