Heat wave sweeping countries in Europe and Asia

July 13, 2022 21:24

A severe heat wave is sweeping several countries in Europe and Asia, recording temperatures that are among the highest. France is beginning to feel the heat wave at a time when fires are raging in the south of the country.
Two fires swept about 1,700 hectares of pine trees in the Gironde region in the southwest of the country this morning, Wednesday, which resulted in the evacuation of about six thousand people who were camping there, as about seven circles were placed on alert.
In Spain, the Meteorological Service warned that the heat wave, which started last weekend and will continue until at least Sunday, will translate into “stifling” temperatures throughout the entire territory of Spain, especially in the regions of Andalusia (south), Extremadura (southwest) and Galicia (northwest). ) where high alert.
On Tuesday afternoon, 43.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in Merida, in Extremadura, near the border with Portugal. According to the estimates of the Spanish Meteorological Service, it is expected to register 44 degrees Celsius in Badajoz (Extremadura) and Córdoba (Andalusia).
In Portugal, a fire, on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, killed a person in the Aveiro region (north), according to the rescue services, which have been working intensively for several days. The center of the country, which has been engulfed in flames since Thursday, remains the worst affected by the wildfires that erupted again on Tuesday afternoon, brought on by heat and strong winds.
On Wednesday morning, more than 1,500 firefighters worked to put out four fires in the towns of Leiria, Pombal and Orem, about 100 kilometers from the capital, Lisbon.
In the UK, the National Weather Service has issued a warning ahead of an “extreme heat” from Sunday, with temperatures potentially exceeding 35C.
Water distribution companies in England called on their customers to save water in the face of the heat wave.
The heat wave is expected to spread to other parts of Western Europe or even Central Europe.
In Asia, China recorded temperatures that are among the highest in its history, today, Wednesday. By 14:30, the temperature reached 40.9 degrees Celsius at a meteorological station in central Shanghai on Wednesday, according to the official news website of the Meteorological Service. National Air.
The report stated that the figure “equals the highest air temperature ever recorded in the region since records began in 1873.”

Source: agencies

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