“Heaviest House Cat in the World: Patches’ Weight Loss Journey”

2023-05-03 12:16:00

This is probably the heaviest house cat in the world. And that’s exactly why Kater Patches has to slim down now. Patches weighs an impressive 18.3 kilograms, even though he has already lost a bit at the animal shelter.

In comparison: A tomcat his age weighs about eight kilos. The cat was previously housed at the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter in Virginia, USA, until he was adopted by his new cat mom, Kay Ford, a few weeks ago.

Cat has to lose weight now

The American wants to continue to put Patches on a diet and lose weight with him. With success: in the first two weeks, Patches has already lost a kilo. Ford shares Patches’ weight loss program on her Facebook page. But there is still a long way to go, the tomcat currently still weighs three times as much as an average conspecific.

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