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By Yasel Porto

Héctor Olivera Jr. has been one of the Cuban baseball players in the Major Leagues in the last decade with the most direct contact with his homeland. The former player from Santiago traveled again a few days ago to the main city in eastern Cuba, causing wide repercussions among the fans.

There were several who published photos with the member in the past of the Dodgers and the Braves in professional baseball in the United States, accompanied by a wide reaction in the diverse groups that the Wasps have on social networks.

In a conversation with Pablo Hernández, one of those who shared the photo he took with Olivera on Facebook, he told me that it took place at the Grand Muthu Almirante Beach Hotel where Hernández works as a bartender at the nightclub.

This facility is located on the beach strip of Guardalavaca, Holguín, the main tourist destination in this territory. There he was for several days with family and friends from Santiago de Cuba, among them a singer who is called “El Ankla” and Olivera is helping him in his profession.

Olivera with Pablo and Alexey, bartenders at the Guardalavaca hotel nightclub where the ex-player was

«With everyone, a humility at the height of his quality as an athlete, which is already saying a lot. I don’t know how many photos he took and he was always in a good mood. Very happy to have shared with him here.

In the one led by the friend Jesús Daniel Agrás, Avispas de Santiago de Cuba, there were more than 6 thousand people who interacted with the publications where Olivera appeared together with the one who uploaded the photo of his stay in the so-called “hot land”. Almost everyone took the opportunity to congratulate the member of the second version of the “steamroller” and incidentally make the occasional comparison with figures who are still standing out in the best baseball in the world.

Jesús himself had told me a few days ago that the former second baseman, at the time one of the most comprehensive players in Cuba, was one of those who had the most concern with the Gabriel Pierre issue. Even with the idea of ​​helping him on his return from his Caribbean journey.

Even with the unfortunate incident in 2016 with a woman, the 2008 Beijing Olympic runner-up has financially helped many needy players in Cuba and the United States.

Despite being out of the active game for several years and the aforementioned situation that marginalized him from the Major Leagues despite the fact that the sanction was for 82 games, Olivera is a figure that generates a lot of interest in people inside and outside the Santiago environment . The same happens with other Compromvincians such as Antonio Pacheco, Alexei Bell, Orestes Kindelán and Pierre himself.

Together with fan Adrián Andion

Although he does not like to give live interviews, and he has also commented on it to me indiscriminately, that does not indicate that his character is negative. In fact, he has always had a very favorable manner with people who approach him for a photo or an autograph, especially on the trips he has made to Cuba since he left the country in 2014.

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