Here is the date from which it will again be possible for vaccinated people to travel to the USA

“The new US travel policy, which requires vaccination for foreign travelers to the United States, will come into force on November 8,” the White House said Friday in a statement specifying the date of this lifting, which had already announced last month.

This new system will apply to travelers arriving by air as well as to those crossing the land borders with Canada and Mexico.

Faced with the pandemic, the United States had closed its borders from March 2020 for millions of travelers coming in particular from the European Union, the United Kingdom or China, then later from India or Brazil. They also closed their land entry points to visitors from Canada and Mexico.

This could have caused painful personal situations and economic damage.

For travelers arriving by air, the United States will require, in addition to proof of vaccination and a test within three days before departure, the establishment by the airlines of a system for tracking contacts.

For the land route, the White House announced this week that the lifting of restrictions would be done in two stages.

From November 8, will be able to cross the border of Canada or Mexico the people coming for reasons considered non-essential, for example family or tourist, on condition of being vaccinated. People coming for compelling reasons – for example truck drivers – will be exempt.

But from January, the vaccine obligation will apply to all visitors crossing land borders, regardless of their reason for entering the United States.

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