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As we want you to have a good day, we have decided to present you a . The one on this note has drawn attention to and other social networks because 99% of participants could not claim victory. What should you do? Find the flat screws in the image.

In total there are two that you must locate. If you just take a look at the illustration, you won’t find them. That is why we recommend that you pay attention to details. Please note that there is no time limit to say “I made it”.

Yes, you can delay looking for all you want. The only thing that really matters to us is that you have fun in this viral challenge created by , which published it today on its website. It already ranks as one of the best challenges!

Viral Challenge Image

The flat screws are well hidden in this illustration. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

Viral Challenge Answers

To all the people who have thrown in the towel on this visual puzzle but want to know where the two flat screws are, we ask you to look at the image below. This so that they know the location of each one.

Here are the flat screws.  (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)
Here are the flat screws. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

If you want to continue having fun, choose another of the many viral challenges that we have released. They will all make you have a pleasant time, wherever you are. We are not exaggerating. Check it out for yourself.




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