Here’s why Farid Hakimi, the boxer sentenced to 14 years alongside Stéphane Pauwels, shouldn’t go to jail

The boxer sentenced with Stéphane Pauwels intends to appeal his judgment.

Much ink has been written about the case. She was nicknamed Pauwels / Hakimi, from the names of former star host Stéphane Pauwels and the one presented as the mastermind of the gang of criminals specializing in home invasions, Farid Hakimi. The latter was sentenced to 14 years in prison. On the day of the judgment, last October 30, he was the only one of the defendants present at the hearing.

The federal prosecutor then demanded his immediate arrest but faced with the arguments presented by the defendant and his lawyer, Frank Discepoli, President Moulart did not comply with the request.


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