Hertha’s New Number 1 Shines: Ernst’s Dominance in Hertha’s First Win

2023-08-27 13:56:47

Made five stalls in the front, at the end there was a zero in the back. That was right TJARK, Ernst! Hertha’s new number 1 shone in their first win in the second division against Fürth (5-0).

Because the guests had a few chances. But Ernst (20) held the top-class opportunities as strong as a bear and thus consolidated his position between the posts.

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That gave praise from coach Pal Dardai (47): “Tjark enjoys my trust, he confirms the good performance.” Ernst should also have gotten a boost in motivation, since the coach had already committed himself to him as the number 1 goal in advance.

Hertha coach Pal Dardai relies on goalkeeper Tjark Ernst as number 1

Nevertheless, Dardai says: “As a young player, he will also make mistakes and learn from them. In terms of football, he should be even more confident on the ball, but with his reflexes and his inner calm he does it well.”

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That also goes down well with the young keeper. Ernst: “I feel the trust of those responsible and try to repay it every day with hard work.”

Ernst’s strong performance is also good news in Hertha’s current goalkeeping dilemma!

Goalkeeper returnee and substitute Marius Gersbeck (28) is still suspended after he is said to have hit and seriously injured a young Austrian (22) on the sidelines of a training camp. In the coming days, the public prosecutor will decide whether to open criminal proceedings.

A cessation is considered unlikely due to the seriousness of the allegations and the victim’s injuries. At the level of civil law, Gersbeck has agreed on a payment with the victims.

Even if the procedure were to be discontinued under certain conditions, it is questionable whether Gersbeck will be rehabilitated by Hertha managing director Thomas Herrich (59) after the incident. A number of committee members are extremely skeptical about the keeper’s return or are strongly opposed to it.

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The problem: Should Hertha want to sign an experienced goalkeeper from another club as number 2 behind Ernst, this would have to be done by the end of the transfer window on September 1st. But it doesn’t look like that at the moment.

Because: Even after September 1, Hertha could still become active and get a goalkeeper without a club. Dardai: “There are always experienced goalkeepers with good quality on the market who can help out.”

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