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Hey Tire :: Four tips to ‘prevent cancer’

Dr. Ilhan Ibrahimov, Specialist at Lapino-2 Cancer Research Center, revealed how to reduce the risk of malignancy by following just four simple rules.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the specialist advises that it is necessary to follow four simple rules:

First – bad habits must be completely abandoned – smoking, alcoholic beverages, overeating.

Secondly, always monitor the state of health.

Third – not to neglect physical activity.

Fourth, annual medical examinations are necessary.

He adds, thanks to regular annual medical examinations, the cases of early diagnosis of cancer have increased by eight times, which gives a greater chance of treatment and complete recovery from the malignant disease.

It is reported that Dr. Alexander Myasnikov had earlier, in a television interview, touched upon the issue of the annual medical examination, especially for the elderly, which greatly helps in detecting cancer at an early stage, making it treatable. For example, when bowel cancer is detected in the form of polyps, early stage or breast cancer, they are completely curable.

He stressed the need to perform a mammogram every two years and a colonoscopy for men and women over the age of 50 every five years.

Source: Vesti. Ro

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