Hideo Kojima revealed that the new Game hit the bridge “The Boys” has shelved the project | Game Information

Hideo Kojima announced earlier that he will develop a new game with Xbox Game Studios, and it is the game that Kojima has always wanted to develop. Although there is no other information, it is enough to make people look forward to it. Recently, Hideo Kojima revealed on Twitter that he had developed an as-yet-unnamed project, similar in concept to the “Anti-Hero” (anti-hero) of “The Boys” (black robe pickets), before he finished watching the first season of “The Boys” After three episodes, the plans were shelved after finding similarities in concept. Kojima later emphasized that the background and setting of the plan are different from “The Boys”, and also revealed that he had considered inviting Mads Mikkelsen to play the lead role.

“The Boys” has been well received. Do you expect Kojima to deal with such a special theme as “The Boys”? Or expect the game version of The Boys to come true?

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