Hideo Kojima was already thinking about a game like Amazons The Boys

But only almost. Kojima Productions and his mastermind Hideo Kojima – even after the “parcel delivery service adventure” Death Stranding still a hot stock among video game developers. Kojima has many ideas and some of them have been implemented. A “The Boys”-Spiel, like the Amazon series will not exist. But he’s been thinking about it out loud.

As Hideo Kojima recently wrote on Twitter, at one point he considered making a game that would be conceptually and thematically similar to Amazon’s hit superhero series The Boys. The video game would bring us superheroes who would be corrupt. “Heroes” who cause wanton destruction and harm without much thought or care. I would have been interested in the graphics engine for this.

Kojima’s superhero game – The Boys as a game

What would you have seen in this The Boys inspired video game? A male and female detective duo who must face off against “legendary heroes”. Due to the similarities between his project and the Amazon series, Kojima didn’t watch the show much. Interestingly, Kojima thought of Mads Mikkelsen for the lead role, which also appeared in Death Stranding.

The concept of this superhero game where you don’t play a superhero would certainly have been nice, but it doesn’t come. As Kojima revealed in a subsequent Twitter post, this project never left the initial concept stage. Ergo: It was never really worked on. Maybe one day he’ll come back to it.

Kojima finally on his concept (via Twitter): “Well, what I had planned stayed just in my head, so I didn’t incur any costs for labor, materials, research or anything like that.”

What is Hideo Kojima and his developers currently working on?

Kojima Productions recently confirmed that they are on a Cloud native Xbox game work, while a leak claims it’s “Overdose,” a horror video game.

Death Stranding was released in 2019, the last game directed by Hideo Kojima. Do we need a sequel? Rather not. – (C) Kojima Productions

Or it is Death Stranding 2. After all, the main role in the game confirmed, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) that a sequel is being worked on.

There would be one for me personally The Boys Spiel lieber.

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