High British Award for Y International, a subsidiary of the Lulu Group

Abu Dhabi വൈ Lulu Group’s UK subsidiary Y International has won the highest British award for outstanding contributions to the UK business community. Y International UK has been awarded the 2021 Excellence in International Award by the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce is the oldest chamber of commerce in Europe, having centralized the integration of Birmingham’s commercial and industrial sectors for over 200 years.

Y International, Birmingham City Council’s presence in the UK food processing industry since 2013, operates from a state – of – the – art food processing center in the Advanced Manufacturing Zone. Lulu procures a wide range of food and non-food products from across the UK and exports them to Lulu hypermarkets in the Gulf countries, as well as to Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

Lulu Group Chairman M.A. Yusufali said. In 2017, Queen Elizabeth II honored Yousafzai with the Queen’s Award, Britain’s highest award for excellence in commerce. Y International employs over 350 people in the UK, including locals.

English Summary: High british award for lulu yinternational

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