High Level Competition and Surprises on Pasapalabra: 22 Correct Answers Not Enough

2023-12-20 20:07:10

The level in Pasapalabra is very high when the contestants believe that 22 correct answers are not enough to win. Óscar could have stood with that number of letters in El Rosco and, however, he has decided to take a risk after two programs in which Moisés reached 23 and due to the fear that he would repeat. The ruling has complicated the test, although it has by no means meant his sentence for the Blue Chair. The outcome has been uncertain until the end.

The first round was even and without errors. This has allowed both contestants to continue dreaming of the 1,246,000 euro jackpot. Óscar has taken the initiative in the decisive moments. He has reached 22 hits but is not satisfied. By giving one more answer, he has made a mistake that seemed to make the path easier for his rival. Already desperate, he has even made two more mistakes.

In reality, the triple failure changed very little the mission of Moisés, who has played his 150th program in Pasapalabra. The Riojan had to reach 22 letters in green and, sometimes, it is more complicated than it seems. For this reason, the victory had a special suspense when he was left alone with Roberto Leal. Hit play!

The contestants have welcomed a new quartet of guests on this show, including a newcomer. Edu Pidal has decided to combine radio and television for a few days to test the Pasapalabra experience. His debut couldn’t have been better because he took the victory at La Pista. And with 5 seconds!

The sports journalist has beaten his partner from Radioestadio Noche, Rocío Martínez. In addition, he has unleashed himself by bringing out the most rumba side of him with La lágrima, one of Peret’s greatest hits.

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