his state of health at its worst! We are not ready to see him again on France Télévisions

While the management of France Televisions had announced an absence of a few weeks, Michel Drucker should not return to the air by February 2021. It is in everything that Françoise Coquet, its producer, affirms. Explanations.

Michel Drucker’s health is improving day by day

Heart operated last Saturday September 26 in order to uncork “the coronary arteries, which have role of vascularizing the muscle cardiac, in order to prevent any infarction ”, Michel Drucker is currently continuing his convalescence. If the presenter has not yet spoken after his operation, his relatives regularly update him. Indeed, a few days ago, Michel Boujenah explained that he had had the host on the phone: “I sent him a message this morning, he replied by telling me that he was better. He’s a great man. He is righteous and faithful… It is rare ”.

Even if his morale is good and he continues his rehabilitation, Michel Drucker has Verry much lost of his physical condition: “In three weeks without moving from his bed, he lost weight and lost muscle. But he wants to quickly recover his form“. But no question for the host not to watch television and follow his channel: “In the morning, he turns on CNews for the Pascal Praud show. He also likes Faustine Bollaert (in It starts today in the early afternoon on France 2). And he was in front of the series The Lie, with Daniel Auteuil ”.

Michel Drucker’s wish for his show

For the goods of an interview for The Parisian, Françoise Coquet announced that the rehabilitation period for Michel Drucker will be longer than expected: “The channel asked us to ride up broadcasts until January. But in my opinion, he won’t be back until February“. It is for this reason that the presenter proposed a replacement for the time of his absence: “A few days before his quadruple coronary bypass surgery, the 78-year-old host had asked the channel to replace him provisionally with Maud Fontenoy at the head of “Vivement dimanche” and “Vivement dimanche Next””Notably explained its producer.

But nothing happened, the channel refused the proposal of Michel Drucker, preferring to bet on best-of rather than to put unpublished: “They wanted Michel to stay on the air, to keep him in touch with his viewers, even with reruns. No matter how long”Declares Françoise Coquet in the columns of Le Parisien. The producer continues her remarks by wanting to be reassuring about the state of health of the presenter of France 2: “He’s a fighter and he misses TV. He will die on stage“. And effectively, one thing is certain, Michel Drucker wishes to return to the air as soon as possible and does not intend to retire before his 90th birthday.

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