Hit the star: Cathy Hummels loses to Stefanie Hertel

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Cathy Hummels loses to Stefanie Hertel

Stefanie Hertel (r.) Wins against Cathy Hummels in “Schlag den Star”. In the middle: moderator Elton.

© ProSieben / Willi Weber

On paper it was clear, but the course was exciting: Stefanie Hertel prevailed against Cathy Hummels in “Schlag den Star”.

On Saturday evening, concentrated female power competed against each other on the ProSieben show “Schlag den Star”. Folk music star Stefanie Hertel (41, “Favorite Schlager”) and influencer Cathy Hummels (32, “My detour to happiness”) dueled in the show arena. It was noticeable right from the start: Hertel and Hummels both put on strictly braided braids and were so visually difficult to distinguish. After the first two games went relatively confidently to the singer, Hummels was able to score the first points in the duel “Müllabfuhr”.

Up to lap eleven, the two offered a head-to-head race and were even tied with 33:33, but then Hertel pulled away from her opponent. After four more games, the folk music icon was able to clearly win the game show with 75:45 on paper. Both Hummels and Hertel then reported on Instagram after the duel with a joint picture.

There Hummels congratulated fair: “That was a great fight with you and I have to say that it was a lot of fun.” Your opponent should enjoy her triumph, she grant her it from the heart. Hertel himself shared the identical picture and wrote: “It was really a nice and fair show.” In the direction of her opponent, the winner said: “You did so well and it was really close in the end”. Hertel would have granted Hummels the win …


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