Hitten – While Passion Lasts – Album Review

2023-11-20 07:00:40

Hitten – While Passion Lasts
Label: High Roller Records
Heavy Metal

If you believe the many stories, the 1980s were a great time, especially musically. Since traveling back in time to this glorious decade is unfortunately not yet possible, a renaissance of these sounds is the task of young bands like hitswho have taken up the cause of big bands of the time like Whitesnake or The dock to pay homage. Your new album While Passion Lasts is supposed to embody exactly that.

And so, after a mysterious intro, the Spanish quintet begins the title song straight away While Passion Lasts with a riff that might as well have come straight from the 1980s. The chorus invites you to sing along and synth-like solos towards the end of the song take the listener even deeper into that decade. There is hitss sound is not a mere reproduction of the past, but a modern refinement of old sounds.

Good Vibes Only

The band always puts the listener in a good mood, especially with very catchy songs like Mr. Know It All Put a smile on everyone’s face. HERE you can see for yourself. Unholy Games After that it starts a little slower, but the guys also master this pace: There isn’t a bad song on this album!

If you’re halfway through the album and still don’t like the vocal qualities of… Alexx Panza is convinced, will be at the latest Truthful Lies have to admit that he has a brilliant talent for screaming. He has great talent and his band knows perfectly how to use it appropriately.

Big surprises!

And just when you think you’ve heard everything on this album, you’ll be proven wrong because: The best comes last! The guys play really good 1980s heavy metal on the entire album and then bang along Crimetime, the last song, an incredibly hard Thrash/Power Metal song that doesn’t fit in with the rest at all. With changed vocals and fantastic solos, this song rounds off the album in a very special way by showing what potential these guys have.

There is hits no longer an insider tip. After they formed in Alicante, Spain, in 2011, they have now released five albums, all of which were well received in the scene. Inspired by the greats of old, their goal is also to write great anthems whose hook will stick in people’s minds for years to come. And they are well on their way there!

create with While Passion Lasts their own interpretation of the sound of the 1980s and also show their own potential to write catchy sing-along songs as well as very hard numbers. There’s a lot that sticks in your head here and makes you want more! 9 / 10

Line Up
Alexx Panza – Gesang
Dani Meseguer – Gitarre
Willy Medina – drums
Satan – Bass
Johnny Lorca – guitar

01. Prelude To Passion
02. While Passion Lasts
03. Blood From A Stone
04. Mr. Know It All
05. Unholy Games
06. Dark Stalker
07. Truthful Lies
08. Hold Up The Night
09. Where It All Begins
10. Crimetime

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