Hollywood pros pretty happy with Apple TV+ interface and user experience

Apple TV+ is not doing so badly in the game of comparisons with other streaming services organized by Variety. The specialized publication asked 40 representatives of the Hollywood industry – producers, screenwriters, financiers… – what they thought, not of the content of the platforms, but of their interface and their user experience.

The results are general lessons (the “insiders” do not necessarily all agree), but they give a good idea of ​​how these professionals perceive the service offered by all these platforms.

Netflix and Disney+.

Netflix is ​​the big winner of this competition, with an interface in which it is easy to navigate (it must be said that it was Netflix who suffered the plaster), a top 10 which gives a good idea of ​​​​the most popular programs, or still the general quality of the subtitles and dubbing. On the other hand, the feedback on the personalized selection of content is more mixed. Disney+ is also very popular with its interface “ clean, simple and attractive “, as well as the “channels” which correspond to the different Disney universes (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, etc.).

Prime Video et Apple TV+

On the side of Apple TV+, we also praise the interface ” aesthetically appealing of the service and compatibility with devices that integrate the Apple TV app. In contrast, the authentication process is ” convoluted for some, it is sometimes frustrating to sort out the programs playable without additional costs and those which require a rental or a purchase (a complaint which comes up often for the TV application). Insiders also criticize a lack of personalized selection – but this may apply to the entire TV app rather than the Apple TV+ service.

One of the sources explains about Apple TV+ that she just visits the service to see exactly what she wants, then leaves somewhere else right after. ” Apple TV+ is less a streaming service and more a place to watch highly anticipated original series and movies “says another. It’s rather positive for Apple, finally.

It is much less so for Prime Video! However, Amazon revised the interface of its application last year, drawing inspiration very clearly from Netflix. But the service gets the worst reviews: worst interface (two sources avoid Prime Video because of its design), confusing navigation, frustration in distinguishing between free content and those to buy/rent… For these professionals, the experience of purchase that works so well on Amazon does not correspond to what one should find in a streaming service.

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