Hollywood star Ivanna Sakhno refused to play a Russian woman and terminated her contract with Netflix: photo

The artist shared what problems she had because of this decision.

Hollywood actress from Ukraine Ivanna Sakhno for the first time said that she had terminated the contract with Netflix.

Sakhno gave an interview to Marichka Padalko, in which toldthat she was approved for the role of an American from the Soviet Union even during the Covid-19 pandemic:

“My team even knows, immediately says no. I had a moment, I was involved in a Netflix series. It was during covid. It was the role of a Russian woman. It was an American role, but she had a background from the Soviet Union. I was already attached to this project because at that time it was one of the first major roles in a major Netflix series. We didn’t start filming, we immediately closed due to covid. And I realized that I cannot play a person, even from the Soviet Union. I canceled my contract with Netflix. I had some problems,” said Sakhno.

Ivanna Sakhno / Photo: Associated Press

The actress shared that she couldn’t say how much of the fine Netflix now owes because of her decision, but shared that for the next work she does with Netflix, she owes 50 percent of her salary.

Sakhno also emphasized that she would never agree to play a Russian woman because of her moral values. The actress noted that now Russia is being represented less and less in Hollywood.

Ivanna Sakhno / Photo: instagram.com/ivannasakhno

▶️ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: IVANNA SAKHNO: how much does it cost NOT to be RUSSIAN? OPEN interview with a Hollywood actress!

It should be noted that Ivanna Sakhno moved to the USA with her mother at the age of 15. Since 2013, the artist lives and works in Los Angeles. To the Ukrainian audience, the actress, who is 26 years old, is known for her roles in the sitcom “Lesya + Roma”, the biographical film “Ivan Sila”. In Hollywood, the actress has already managed to play in the blockbuster “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, the action comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and the Disney+ series “Ahsoka”.

In April 2023, Ivanna Sakhno came to Kyiv, where appeared in the bomb shelter during an air alert and sent Russian dictator Putin to three letters.

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