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Homicide, death threats and violence in the stadiums: the record of Pancho Malo, the promoter of the harassment of the UDI board

by archyde

Patriot Team Founder that fights to make Chile great again. I follow a path that few can travel, Codes. (Chilean and United States flag) #LawAndOrder”.

This is how he defines himself on his Twitter account, Francisco Muñoz Carrasco (43)who after being closely linked to the field of soccer as the leader of the Colo Colo brave bar, the White Claw, now stars in a series of incidents around the political parties of Chile Vamos.

The last episode happened on Sunday. “Pancho Malo” – his alias with which he became known in the brave bars – first arrived outside Canal 13 to, together with a group of people, confront the president of the UDI, Javier Macaya. “You haven’t listened to the people,” he told him, while the helmsman of the guild, obviously upset, asked to be let go.

During the afternoon something similar happened, now, on the outskirts of the Municipal Theater of Las Condeswhere the so-called “Team Patriota” -led by Muñoz- intimidated the vice president of the UDI, María José Hoffmann.

Macaya warned that Pancho Malo had a criminal record, something that was denied by Muñoz, who said he had a clean record, but what?What is Muñoz’s record?

As you can verify The Third PM, In the Carabineros registry, the former barrista has four arrests in the “personal record” system of the uniformed police, where he is identified as “Good bar”.

However, the first cause for which Muñoz was arrested does not appear there, which is based on the old justice, in the 34th Criminal Court of Santiago. The case is well known: in 2000 he was arrested, and later convicted, for the murder of a young man in the Vitacura district, during a fight. “I am in total rule with justice, mine was a circumstantial issue, I complied with the law. And it was an incident in my life, 18 years ago. We can all make a mistake. I responded to justice, “he said on March 1, 2018 in an interview with Third.

The sentence was for six months, but six years later, Muñoz would face justice again. It was December 12, 2006and as leader of the White Claw, who would be arrested again for public disorder, in the Las Condes district, where together with a group of barristas they staged a series of incidents on La Gioconda street with Américo Vespucio.

On October 2, 2010, he would be arrested again, this time for violence in the stadiums, in the Monumental Stadium, located in the commune of Macul. That same year, but in November – now according to records maintained by the Prosecutor’s Office – he was charged with the crime of threats, after being denounced by a person who was intimidated by the barrista.

On October 16, 2011, again, he was arrested. According to the Carabineros registry, on that occasion, he was apprehended for “opposing the action of the authority” in the midst of the excesses that he carried out the White Claw when the bar tried to reach the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadiumin Las Condes.

It would take a few months for, for the first time, a soccer player to link Muñoz with his first and last name with threats and intimidation. On April 8, the then Colo Colo striker, Carlos Muñoz, denounced in an interview on TVN, and later with Radio ADN, that “rI received a call to the room, where I was resting, from the head of the bar, from ‘Pancho Malo’, telling me that from now on he would not be responsible for what happened to me”.

Seven months later, the barrista’s record added a new course: on November 20, 2012 he was arrested for the crime of disorder during public shows, in the Florida Bicentennial Stadium.

The relationship of the brava bar with the campus was not goodbecause before the threat against Carlos Muñoz, in May 2012, Pancho Malo led the invasion of the Colo Colo training field to “tighten” the squad, after losing 5-0 to Universidad de Chile.

The intimidation and the “squeezing”, according to the police and connoisseurs of the brave bars, is something habitual in soccer, but that now Muñoz would be replicating in political activity.

The journalist and author of the book “Country Barra Brava”, Juan Cristóbal Guarello, They summarize it like this: “It is the methodology of the squeezes, as he did with Carlos Muñoz in 2012 and also with Claudio Bieler, or when he invaded the Colo Colo training when Marcelo Barticciotto was the coach. He does the same as in the sports arena, but now in politics: intimidate and threaten.

In addition, Guarello adds that “it is necessary to see Who finances Pancho Malo? ANDHe has always functioned the same way, as a barrista, and now as a political activist, he acts as a spearhead, it is not spontaneous from him”.

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