Honduras U-23 National Team Suffers Heartbreaking Defeat at Pan American Games: Recap and Next Match against Brazil

2023-10-26 20:22:56


Painful, bitter, sad, terrible. These are some of the words to describe the defeat that the Honduras U-23 National Team suffered this Thursday against the United States in men’s soccer at the Pan American Games.

The Honduran squad suffered a 2-1 comeback against the Stars and Stripes team when in a good stretch of the game they were winning by the slightest difference. However, they ended up losing with a goal that came in the 92nd minute at the Sausalito stadium, Viña del Mar.

With this negative result, the Honduran squad is on the brink of elimination since after two games played they are without points.

On the next day, Honduras will be facing the powerful Brazilian team in a game to be held this Sunday, October 29. The clash will begin at 10am.

Today there were several changes in the starting 11. Enrique Facussé took the place of goalkeeper Juerguen García due to his constant errors.

It should be noted that the coach of Honduras, the Colombian Bernardo Redín, was expelled and was not on the bench.


Things started well for the Honduras National Team, because in the 19th minute Antony García took a shot from outside the area to make it 1-0 in favor of the Bicolor.

Honduras was very solid in defense, although Enrique Facussé had to intervene a couple of times to prevent the United States from scoring in the first 45 minutes.

Antony García, the 10th of the H, scored the goal for Honduras that made them dream of a victory against the USA.


In the second half, Honduras was surpassed by the United States, which looked for the opponent’s goal at all times.

In the 72nd minute the tie came for the North Americans with a header from Leyva, where Facussé was left standing. They changed the ball to the other post and it was impossible to avoid the goal.

The fatal blow came in stoppage time, at 90+2, when Dipietro got between two men and hit a left cross shot to beat Facussé. It was the final 2-1.

The game ended very hot, with anger between the Honduran and American players.

This was Honduras’ second defeat in the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games and it is practically eliminated, as it is last with zero points.

Next Sunday, Honduras will face Brazil at 10:00 am in Viña del Mar.

Mention that later Brazil and Colombia will meet on the second date of this group of the Pan American Games. A draw would leave Honduras officially eliminated, while if there is a winner the “H” would have to find a miracle against Brazil, apart from scoring a goal.

The starting 11 of Honduras: Enrique Facussé, André Orellana, Julián Martínez, Luis Vega, Edson Palacios, Javier Arriaga; Deyron Martínez, David Ruiz, Gerson Chávez, Antony García and Daniel Carter.

The USA starting 11: Chituru Odunze, Michael Wentzel, Nicolas Carrera, Jackson Hopkins, Brooklyn Raines, Jack Panayotou, Alexander Freeman, Sergio Oregel, Nolan Norris, Rodrigo Neri and Javier Casas.

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