Hong Kong Animation and Video Game Festival ACGHK 2022 Must-scan Figure Model + Must-see Cosplay

The 23rd Hong Kong Animation and Game Festival (ACGHK 2022) will kick off tomorrow. Although many large foreign brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Hot Toys, Nintendo, etc. have not participated in the animation festival this year, in fact, Threezero, Bandai, Qian Zhiren, and Pose Plus are all A lot of new models have been launched, I believe that all anime fans will be interested, just wait for the editor to give you a sneak peek!

Bandai (Stand No.: E01)

Bandai exhibited a variety of gunpla, including MGEX Assault Freedom Gundam, King of Brave, and Wind Spirit Gundam. Among them, the most eye-catching is the second bullet of MGEX, which has been re-evolved in the MG series. The official said that the model is made of a special skeleton with a variety of golden materials to bring out the metallic “Strike Freedom Gundam”.

▲MGEX 1/100 Assault Freedom Gundam

▲Good metal skeleton

▲RG GAOGAIGAR King of Brave

▲The Witch of Mercury HG 1/144 Wind Spirit Gundam Gundam

Threezero (Booth No.: D47)

high intelligence formula GSX Thor

▲ Good shape! Three 1:1 Iron Man

▲ It’s not good to look at the fine grain of the Figure, the design is very delicate!

▲DLX Iron Man Mark 46

▲DLX War Machine Mark 2

▲The legendary battle-damaged version of DLX Iron Man Mark 43

▲DLX Iron Man Mark 42

▲DLX Iron Man Mark 50

▲DLX Iron Man Mark 2

▲Spells back to battle: Wujo Satoru

▲Curse back to battle: Fu Heihui

▲Spells back to battle: Ningzaki wild rose

▲Curse back to battle: Knotta Yuren

▲The Fourth Apostle

▲The King of Beasts

▲Threezero’s debut Macross: Vekili VF-1J

▲ Mobile Police: Gryphon

▲Venue sale: Golden MDLX Hornet

Pose+ (Booth No.: D36)

▲The King of Brave series

Action Toys (Booth No.: C21)

▲ “Light Speed ​​Electric God” ALBEGAS

▲ES alloy “Golden Man”

▲ES alloy “Beast King”

▲ES alloy “15 machine integration”

In addition to the above model exhibits, of course, there are many Cosplay sessions that everyone pays attention to.

▲ Aniya live-action version!

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